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Inbound lead generation marketing to grow your business while you sleep.


Brad Borja

As a seasoned advertising professional, Brad is always seeking like-minded clients and opportunities that allow him to build upon his skillset.

With over a decade of experience serving businesses in competitive markets, he has learned that a strong web presence is the most valuable asset for growth.

Brad has been fortunate enough to collaborate with business owners across the country and is eager to help you win with successful marketing execution online.


Marketing Systems
  • Website Design

    Your website is the central hub for all marketing and brand exposure. That's why we design tasteful and engaging websites that convert visitors.

  • Lead Generation

    A results-driven system continues to bring our clients consistent results year over year for lasting returns on investment.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Right now, customers are using search engines to look for your products and services. SEO gets your business seen on search engines like Google.

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

    SEO is a long game, so it can take months to capture organic SEO traffic. Pay-Per-Click is the best way to get that traffic and revenue NOW.

  • Social Advertising

    Improve reach while utilizing specific targeting strategies to ensure that you are receiving highly qualified traffic at the lowest costs available.

  • Brand Development

    Starting from an in-depth analysis of your end goals, we build out the brand image you’ve been dreaming about.

Featured: Lead Generation Case Study
  • Total # of qualified leads: 71% increase

    From 56 to 96 leads inbound monthly.

  • Average cost per lead: 42% decrease

    From $80 to $45.90 cost per acquisition (CPA). Average CPA for this niche: $79.28

  • Overall account: 7.5% conversion rate

    Over 2X better than average rate for this niche. A 5.31% conversion rate is considered excellent and within the top 25% of advertising accounts.

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