Brad Borja

One Up Garage

E-commerce Website Design & Development Case Study


After a tough year of business during the pandemic, Steve realized that he needed to adapt his shop’s business model to the changing times.

Steve approached me to help him develop a website that sold his off-road performance parts, with some specific goals in mind:

1: Create more value by offering more products direct-to-consumer (plus the convenience of shipping to their door.)
2: Spend less time at the shop while still doing what he loved.
3: Use ongoing profits from website sales to free up time to spend with family.

This was a massive undertaking with many complexities, but I didn’t want Steve to be stuck with running a complicated website that would be another full-time business.

Working together, we were able to develop a website that automatically pulls data from his parts supplier’s database, updates current stock levels, and publishes the products to his website. Steve doesn’t have to lift a finger.

The website automates everything for him, including shipping to his customer’s doorstep. Steve makes more money doing what he loves and the website has increased the value of his business and afforded him more free time to focus on what really matters.

"We've seen a significant increase in revenue..."

“Brad built and implemented what seemed like an impossible task to us. We are finally able to accept high volume customer bookings on our website. We’ve seen a significant increase in customers and revenue because the entire booking process is fully automated, making it easier for ourselves and our customers to do business.”

Jay, Owner @ Austin Water Rentals

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